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Nisha Walibhai

Position: Region 4
Status: Hopeful
Nisha Walibhai

Nisha Walibhai is an RN with policy planning, strategy development and quality leadership experiences in provincial settings, community hospitals, academic settings and home health environments. Nisha is currently leading the: health human resources, pediatric intensive care unit and neonatal intensive care unit portfolios at Critical Care Services Ontario (CCSO). Prior to working at CCSO, she led the quality and performance improvement portfolio in a community hospital with a particular focus on the cross-organizational partnerships to improve care flow and quality.


Nisha is a compassionate improvement leader who believes in improving and sustaining system level quality and performance through respectful engagement and humanistic partnerships at the individual, team and cross-organizational levels. Nisha lives in north Burlington. Nisha holds a BScN degree from McMaster University, an MHSc-HA degree from the University of Toronto,  a one-year safety, quality, informatics and leadership (SQIL) certificate from Harvard Medical School and a professional master’s of law in innovation and technology law from the University of Toronto.