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Ike Ejesi

Status: Hopeful
Ike Ejesi

Ike Ejesi is currently serving his last term as the president of Region 6. Prior to becoming a nurse, he was an IT specialist and business analyst, working in the automation, government and retail sectors. He has been a nurse in critical care since 2009. His education includes bachelor’s degrees in politics, computer studies and nursing; a master’s degree in nursing, a postgraduate diploma in public institutions management and several certificates. In the last few years he has been working as an independently employed critical care RN, working in almost all the intensive care units in the Greater Toronto Area. This has given him the opportunity to understand the issues of concern to all nurses, especially during the nursing staffing crisis. According to him, nursing is not being accorded its rightful place as a profession responsible for patient care management and coordination. As a member of the RNAO board, he will bring his vision of Region 6 to RNAO to help build a professional association with the needs of nurses at the centre of all decisions and the voice of nurses heard in all health-care decisions. His record speaks for itself.