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Lhamo Dolkar

Status: Hopeful
Lhamo Dolkar

Lhamo Dolkar is a primary care nurse practitioner working with clients in the community. Lhamo has completed baccalaureate and master’s of nursing degrees as well as the nurse practitioner program at Ryerson University, Toronto. She has worked in acute care in a post-surgical unit. She is the current chair for RNAO’s Staff Nurses Interest Group (SNIG), and now in her second term. She has held various positions such as the chair of Region 7 and SNIG. She has also held various executive positions such as the policy and political executive network officer (ENO) for Region 7 and 8. Lhamo is passionate about equitable health care and access. She is a health advocate and uses social platforms such as Twitter to disseminate awareness of the importance of equity and social determinants of health. Her interest in community development as well as advocacy has motivated her to always remain engaged and current with global and local socio-political issues. She believes that nurse practitioners, registered nurses and nursing students are assets to the health-care system and need to be provided with a safe work environment in order to be able to provide quality patient care to all Ontarians.