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Ellen Shipman

Status: Hopeful
Ellen Shipman

Ellen Shipman is the current assembly representative/chair for Region 10. She enjoys working with the executive and members of this area, and believes she is ready to represent Region 10 Ottawa at the RNAO board of directors.


Ellen joined RNAO when she graduated from Nightingale School of Nursing in 1975. She had also participated in RNAO activities as a student. RNAO leaders were again an influence when she was pursuing a post-RN BScN. Ellen graduated from Laurentian School of Nursing in 1989. In the past 45 years, she has worked in obstetrical units, long-term care, and rehabilitation. She has taught in both college and baccalaureate programs. Ellen has now retired from paid employment. She continues to look to RNAO leaders in her current position as chair for Ottawa’s Region 10.


If Ellen is elected to this position, she will work to bring the concerns and needs of Region 10 Ottawa to the attention of RNAO. She will attempt to encourage and mentor any member who is interested in becoming a member of the executive or a working committee of the Region. She will seek out and bring forward the concerns of registered nurses and registered nursing students.


Ellen will continue to support the public by supporting Region 10’s attempts to provide current and accurate health-related information to the public and the wider health-care provider community. She will participate in the active lobbying of Ottawa area politicians regarding health policy Issues.