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Rashmy Caroline Lobo

Status: Hopeful
Rashmy Caroline Lobo

Rashmy is a registered nurse who is passionate about the everyday challenges and rewards that nursing brings. She has over 20 years of experience in critical care environments. Her role as a Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) is encompassed in developing and guiding teams though various quality-based initiatives within the cardiac program.  As a CNS at the William Osler Health Systems, the expectations are high to ensure that the best evidence-based practices are in commission. The role involves embracing the knowledge gained from past experiences and merging them with evidence-based best practice. Rashmy has used the knowledge and skills gained via her Master’s in Nursing program to develop professional practice standards and models of care and structured order-sets within her work environment. Rashmy is the Director for Policy and Practice for the RNAO CNS-special interest group.

Rashmy is a firm believer that ‘Strong lives are motivated by dynamic purposes’. She endures to have health organisations assimilate structured policies, procedures, and guidelines, which enables the Registered Nurse to perform to the best of their abilities. Her research interests includes quality care initiatives, safe practice environments, nursing knowledge development and health equity.