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Annual General Meeting (AGM)

RNAO is inviting all RNs, NPs and nursing students who are members to join us for our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on May 5 - 7 at the Hilton Toronto.

RNAO's 2016 AGM will be a chance for members to see how our association works and provide an opportunity to network with peers.

In addition, more than a dozen nurses from every facet of our health-care system will be recognized for their contributions to patient care as well as excellence in research, administration, education and political action.

The three-day event kicks off with the opening ceremonies and stakeholder reception on Thursday, May 5, followed by the AGM on Friday, May 6, and closes on Saturday, May 7 following interest group meetings and a closing keynote panel discussion on Aboriginal health and a screening of the documentary "In this Heaven".

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One member, one vote

Once again members will have the opportunity to vote on governance items and candidates running for election. Find out more about the candidates that are running and other items you are eligible to vote on. Voting will take place online for approximately two weeks leading up to the AGM. Results will be announced at RNAO’s AGM.

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Get involved in your association and make the most of your membership

Chapters and regions

RNAO offers members the opportunity to become involved in their local executive, a network of professional resources and support. No two communities are alike, and each group carries out the mandate of the association while serving the interests of members within their specific communities. A chairperson or president from each chapter attends assembly meetings on behalf of local members.*

Members are assigned to a chapter or region based on geography. Exceptions can be made under certain circumstances. Visit chapters.RNAO.ca for a list of RNAO’s 35 chapters, their executive, and to access the chapter newsletter or calendar of events.

Interest groups

Members are encouraged to join one (or more) of RNAO’s 30 interest groups, which represent unique specialties or populations within nursing.** Interest group chairs represent members at assembly meetings, where they can more directly contribute to the work of the association.

Interest groups have their own websites with detailed information about the group. To find out more, visit RNAO.ca/connect/interest-groups

Visit MyRNAO.ca/inside-RNAO today to get involved.

You can also:

* RNAO’s 12 regions are divided into 35 chapters. The assembly is made up of representatives from each chapter and region, as well as representatives from RNAO’s 30 interest groups.

** You do not have to be practising in the interest group area of expertise to join a particular group.