Join RNAO’s media directory

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Would you like to be interviewed for radio, TV or podcasts? Do you want to be quoted in newspapers or magazines? 

RNAO often receives media requests for nurses working in different sectors and areas of the province. Recent requests have included public health nurses working in schools, RNs working in hospital ICUs and frontline nurses experiencing burnout or stress.

In response, RNAO has created a media directory for members to consider submitting their name. As part of the directory, you will be given opportunities as they come to RNAO to speak to the media about your sector/specialty or your experiences as a nurse. 

If interested, please fill out this survey with your information and details about your areas of expertise. An RNAO staff member will be in touch. 

Speaking to the media provides you with the exposure and skills that can help you in your professional career and help raise the profile of issues you are advocating for. As noted in RNAO’s AGM 2020 keynote presentation, it is important that nurses speak out and use their voice to improve health for all. 

RNAO will also help prepare members for these interviews with tips, example questions, mock interviews and advice, if needed. As part of the directory, you will be welcome to RNAO’s media training webinars as well. 

If you would like to learn more, please email Victoria Alarcon at