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One member, one vote

Proposed Governance Items

Members can vote on important matters of governance in accordance with article 7.05(1) of the RNAO bylaws. These include items such as proposed changes to the board structure, bylaw changes, or membership fees. ‘Governance’ items differ from ‘consultation’ items (which are usually resolutions submitted by members for review and decision by the Consultation Representatives at the AGM).
RNAO Member Fee Decrease (view details)
RNAO Bylaws Amendment (view details)
Approval of KPMG as RNAO's Auditors for Fiscal Year End 2014 (view details)

RNAO Candidates

All Members can vote for one of the candidates in any category listed below. There is another board position that is also vacant – the Interest Groups Representative to the RNAO Board of Directors – but the Provincial Interest Group Chairs only are able to vote for their representative to the Board (in accordance with RNAO Policy 8.06 which stipulates that "only the Provincial Interest Group Chairs shall elect a representative to the RNAO Board of Directors").
Member-at-Large, Nursing Education
Kelly Booth (Bio)

Member-at-Large, Nursing Practice
Leigh Baetz-Craft (Bio)
Allison Kern (Bio)
Meredith Whitehead (Bio)
Cheryl Yost (Bio)

Member-at-Large, Nursing Research
No nominations received.

Member-at-Large, Socio-Political Affairs
Nathan Kelly (Bio)

Region 11 Representative
Stephanie Blaney (Bio)

Member, Provincial Resolutions Committee
Maria Casas (Bio)
Jane Huynh (Bio)
Irene Molenaar (Bio)

Member, Provincial Nominations Committee
Victoria Pennick (Bio)

2014 Ticket of Nominations is available here.

Voting will take place online beginning on April 15, 2014 at 12 noon (EDT) and ending on April 30, 2014 at 12 noon (EDT).
Remember to vote and remind your nursing colleagues to vote as well.