Survey: Evaluating the Leading Change Toolkit™

We appreciate your feedback on the Leading Change Toolkit™. Your completion of the survey below is voluntary and anonymous. Survey responses will help us to continue to develop and revise content and to support the needs of change agents and change teams.     

Should you have any further questions regarding the Leading Change Toolkit, please email us at

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In the below table, please indicate the following i) What outcomes were achieved from using the Leading Change Toolkit™? (Choose all that apply) ii) Briefly describe the outcome (optional). iii) For each of the outcome(s) achieved, rate the extent to which you agree/disagree with the following statement: “Using the Leading Change Toolkit™ helped us to achieve our outcome(s)”
Change outcomeOutcome achieved Briefly describe the outcome (optional)“Using the Leading Change Toolkit™ helped us to achieve our outcome(s)”
To increase staff engagement
To develop informal and formal leadership knowledge and skills
To enable meaningful participation of persons/patients and families to support the change process
To develop an evidence-informed culture
To achieve the uptake and sustainability of knowledge (e.g., BPGs)
To assess implementation using the included Knowledge-to-Action (KTA) tools
To gain knowledge and skills in implementation frameworks
To improve safety
To achieve quality improvement (e.g., AIM)
To promote positive outcomes (e.g., for persons/patients, providers, or organizations)
To accelerate the success of a change project/initiative
Overall impressions