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Evan Gammon

Status: Hopeful
Evan Gammon

My alma maters include the University of Windsor and the University of Toronto where I obtained a Bachelor of Human Kinetics, a Master of Human Kinetics, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at the former, and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the latter. I held a position on the Board of Directors at a seniors' leisure centre in Windsor, Ontario called Life After Fifty where I chaired the Program Advisory Committee overseeing the daily programming and events. In graduate school I represented the Faculty of Kinesiology in the Graduate Student's Society which advocates for students' interests on campus, as well as those employed as graduate teaching assistants. I also held positions as both a trustee and representative for student insurance benefits for this society. Upon completion of my tenure, I was recognized as Councillor of the Year in my final year of graduate studies for my dedication to student empowerment.

Most recently, I joined the Unit-Based Council at St. Michael’s Hospital to promote nursing advocacy. My philosophy focuses on both personal and professional growth and development. As nursing professionals, we grow through opportunities to enhance our knowledge, skill and judgement. We hone in on and develop our skills as nurses to contribute to the betterment of nursing practice, as well as client-centred care through its mastery. Life, technology, medicine, and ourselves are constantly in flux and it is our responsibility to adapt and grow our daily practices to reflect these and prevent oneself from being stagnant.