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Maxine Lesage

Status: Hopeful
Maxine Lesage

Maxine is an Indigenous Ojibwe Qwe  from Ketegaunseebee  ( Garden River First Nation)  of the Robinson -Huron Treaty Territory and has worked in the health field for over 30 years in various sectors of the health care system.

She graduated from Sault College in 1982 as an RNA ( Registered Nursing Assistant)  then further advanced her education to obtain her nursing Diploma at Sault College of Applied Arts and Technology in 1990.  Further to this,  she obtained her Baccalaureate Nursing Degree at Laurentian University in 2000.  All while raising a family,  balancing life and applying Indigenous culture to all aspects of her life.

Her experience has been in Cardiac &  Emergency Care,  Long Term Care,  Home & Community Care,  Community Health Nursing in Indigenous Communities, and currently in  Indigenous Primary Care. 

Along the way in her career, she was instrumental in supporting NOSM  students for Indigenous placement in her First Nation and emphasized the importance of integrating culture into student learning.

 This also included mentoring Baccaulareate Nursing students to learn about the history of Anishinabe  people, their experience with the Indian Residential School system and its associative effects  from a trauma -based perspective.      

Her career path led her to working in her First Nation as a Community Health Nurse, then as the Supervisor of Clinical and Health Services for over 25 years.  She then transitioned into her current role as Primary Care Manager of Baawaating Family Health Team under Maamwesying North Shore Community Services Inc.

 She is a passionate advocate for the needs and issues that affect First Nations  and always makes herself available to help others where she can.  Her philosophy in life is based on the Seven Grandfather Teachings rooted in Anishinabe culture that is her driving force.

Embracing her culture, language and continually learning about the history of First Nations is a priority that she holds dear to her heart. 

  Maxine also devotes her time to local community events and charities when she is called upon or when the opportunity presents itself.

 She currently is on the  Board of Directors of RNAO representing  Region 11 ( Northeastern Ontario)  and has been a long -standing Board Member of the local YMCA in  Sault Ste. Marie for over 7 years.  More recently, she   accepted a seat  on the Board of Directors for FNDHO ( First Nation Digital Health Ontario).