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Selvi Baijnauth

Status: Hopeful
Selvi Baijnauth

I am currently practicing as a long-term care manager at a large not for profit nursing home, overseeing care for those living with dementia. I have been working in the long-term care sector for over six years, practicing many roles such as staff nurse, clinical educator and assistant director of care. I also have three years of experience in the home care sector, supervising care for vulnerable seniors in the community. My experiences working in home care as well as previously caring for my grandmother with dementia, has shown me how difficult it can be for some families to navigate the health care system to obtain adequate resources. These experiences have motivated me to advocate for change to reduce gaps related to the social determinants of health.

My passion to improve care for the elderly has motivated me to advocate alongside RNAO for better senior care. I have served as an executive member of Region 7 for the past four years, successfully fulfilling the role of the assembly representative. I also continue to be a peer support mentor at the MS Society, providing emotional support to those living with a chronic illness such as multiple sclerosis. I graduated from the Toronto Metropolitan University with a Master of Nursing, which has aspired me to become an advocate within the nursing community.