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This event be facilitated by students for students. This date will be a hard launch for the Best Practice Spotlight Organization International Student Academic Conference being held on November 18, 2024.

The presenters are a working group of students from Canada and Chile who are representing a collective of students from Canada, Chile, China, Columbia, Jamaica, Philippines, and Qatar. The student group is planning to host the first international Best Practice Spotlight Organization student academic conference. This conference aims to enhance students' understanding of what it means to deliver safe, competent, evidenced- based care that is supported by best practice guidelines The four key topics presented will be Leadership roles as a student and in practice, knowledge and education surrounding best practice guidelines, Patient-centered care and cultural safety from a global perspective. 

 During the nursing week presentation, the presenters will encourage dialogue and discussion from participants. This dialogue will help to ensure the final conference is student driven covering key topics of interest. The presenters will shed light on the importance of the best practice guidelines and evidence-based practice as students and new graduate nurses.

 There will be several interactive components throughout the presentation. The participants will engage in breakout rooms that allow for brainstorming and knowledge sharing. The presenters will host a question-and-answer period surrounding the conference. The presenters will actively seek participants feedback surrounding conference foci and overarching themes.

 Overall, the presenters will aim to seek honest and constructive feedback from nursing students to ensure that the BPSO International Student Academic Conference is meeting their learning needs.



Sarah Davidson, Conference Chair: BPSO International Student Academic Conference
Lovedeep Kalia, Co-chair: BPSO International Student Academic Conference

Janelle Gordon, Social Media and Marketing: BPSO International Student Academic Conference

Karen Miranda- Country Representative: Chile: BPSO International Student Academic Conference

May 10, 2024 8:30 AM through 10:00 AM
Toronto, ON
Landline: 416-599-1925
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