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Queen's Park Day 2020

We are delighted that you are able to join us for our 20th Annual Queen’s Park Day. This event is vital to sharing the vast experiences and knowledge of our members with elected officials to help inform a wide range of nursing and health priorities. Political engagement is an integral part of RNAO’s work and we believe these opportunities will lead to positive policy change. Your participation in this event is instrumental to furthering this goal. Whether this is your first time at Queen’s Park Day or you’ve been here all twenty years, you have the ability to influence healthy public policy.

You can find below the necessary materials to ensure your day is successful. This includes fact sheets and political action bulletins on the two priority issues we are addressing with MPPs.

Thank you very much for your contribution to this year’s Queen’s Park Day!

Summary of Meetings:

  • Wednesday February 19, 2020: Queen's Park Prep Dinner (6-9pm, Chelsea Hotel) 
  • Thursday February 20, 2020: 20th Annual Queen's Park Day (8am - 4:30pm, Ontario Legislative Building, Hart House) 
  • Thursday February 20, 2020: Interest Group Chairs and Chapter President's Meetings (6-9pm, Chelsea Hotel).  ENOs are welcome to attend either meeting. 
  • Friday February 21, 2020: Assembly Meeting (8:30am - 4:30pm, Chelsea Hotel)  


The meeting material for the assembly meeting on Friday, February 21, 2020 can be found here.