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Continuing the Conversation: An Open Forum for Nurses

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COVID-19 has disrupted nursing education. Hands-on clinical placements have been replaced by simulation, in-class learning has gone virtual and students are completing their education at a time when all energy is focused on the global pandemic. 

Thousands of Ontario nursing students will be entering the nursing workforce at a critical time in history for health care: one where structural inequities and system failures have been brought to the spotlight, and where nurses, exhausted from relentless waves of the pandemic, are facing burnout and considering leaving the profession in larger numbers than usual. However, the pandemic has also raised the centrality of our profession and reinforced that without nurses the health-care system will collapse. RNAO is issuing a call to ensure the next generation of nurses thrive in the profession.

During this heart-to-heart nursing forum, you will hear from nursing students, new grads and educators who will discuss the following questions: 

  •  What has it been like being a nursing student during this time? What are your hopes, needs and concerns?
  • What is required to support students in their final year as they transition into the workforce so they have an exciting and long career in nursing?
August 18, 2021 2:30 PM through  4:00 PM
Virtual - Zoom
Toronto, ON
Landline: 1-800-268-7199
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